Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is an independent filmmaker/photographer with a special focus on telling stories about aging in America. As a newspaper photojournalist she has won numerous awards during her 20-year career, and served on the Board of the National Press Photographer’s Assn. (NPPA) for 8 years.

She has shot, produced and edited two short documentaries on environmental issues. “Troubled Waters”, a film about the FEMA flood buyout program in Pierce County, and “Hamilton: Town at the Tipping Point”, which details the consequences for those living in the floodway of the Skagit River.

When not doing filmmaking she is working with families as a gerontology specialist, having completed her Certificate in Gerontology at the UW this past year. She assists families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and other challenges and is a certified coach for the UW’s Reducing Disability with Alzheimer’s Disease (RDAD) Program.