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dying1_1Purchasing the Speaking of Dying DVD allows you to watch the film in your own home or with a group. The DVD package includes a Resource Guide with suggestions for viewing groups, tips on how to follow up the film, and sample questions for group discussion. Also included are a glossary of end-of-life resources and a list of possible life-sustaining treatments. The film also demonstrates the value of end of life planning and dying well.

If you wish to take part in one of the End-of-Life Planning Workshops — as seen in the film and described on this website — the Resource Guide contains the names and contact information for trained group facilitators. The guide also include film credits and the names of major donors and sponsors.

Note: The DVD now includes a closed caption option, courtesy of Dr. Jo Munson and Sound Associates.

The DVD and accompanying Resource Guide is a great gift for family members and friends.


“I was deeply touched by your wonderful film when I saw it at the screening at Interfaith Community Sanctuary & School. Thank you for your work empowering people to create the end of life they wish. It was clear from the film that this not only helps the individual but is a huge gift to friends and family as well (no guessing about what the loved one wants).”

– John Malcolmson

“I really enjoyed the personal stories told by the film, as well as the commentary of the experts on our society’s attitudes about death and dying — how it is basically a taboo subject that no one wants to discuss until it is too late. Speaking of Dying deals with a most difficult subject in an approachable and non-threatening way, it is actually an affirmation of life rather than a grim reminder of death.

– A Viewer


Donations are still needed for film distribution, operations expenses, and screenings/group sponsorships. For quick donations use the “Donate” button below.

Or, make checks out to “Allied Arts Foundation” and mail to: Speaking of Dying 130 NE 95th St. A-108 Seattle, WA 98115

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