About the Film

Informative and yet intimate,  Speaking of Dying captures the importance of individuals and groups speaking openly about all aspects of the dying process.

Viewing this film will inspire and encourage you to talk to your friends, family, health care agents and medical providers about your own end-of-life choices and wishes. It will motivate you to become more informed regarding life supports, hospice, palliative care, and other options — long before a crisis. The film also demonstrates the value of end-of-life planning in groups — one of the best ways to become comfortable speaking openly about this subject. Most of all, Speaking of Dying will help you believe that your life can have a peaceful and meaningful ending that will be a gift to yourself, and to your loved ones.

As one viewer wrote to us:

“I just wanted to let you know how great I thought the film Speaking of Dying was. In fact, I watched it twice. It was a bit emotional hearing about people’s circumstances leading to the end, but I thought it was a wonderful, thoughtful and well-orchestrated documentary — packed full of a lot of important and insightful info and a lot of love. Thank you for sharing that with me.”

More About the Film

Only the Beginning

Watching the film is only the beginning. We hope that after seeing the 30-minute documentary, viewers will meet in groups with friends, colleagues and family members to begin the speaking-of-dying process for themselves. You can now purchase a DVD version of the film, which includes a Resource Guide with discussion questions and other information to help spark discussion. On this website, and with the DVD, you can also find a list of trained Heartwork facilitators who lead four-part workshops on this vital subject. Contact us for more information about these workshops.

One participant told us:

“We have just finished our end-of-life planning workshop, and I wanted to thank you for your genius of creating this critical communication system — and also for your persistence and energy to make it work. My husband and I found the program very beneficial, and are sharing it with others, including our family.”

Beyond the Film



Donations are still needed for film distribution, operations expenses, and screenings/group sponsorships. For quick donations use the “Donate” button below.

Or, make checks out to “Allied Arts Foundation” and mail to: Speaking of Dying 130 NE 95th St. A-108 Seattle, WA 98115

The Film and Beyond

Upcoming Screenings


Saturday, April 29th

Special screening to celebrate 2nd Anniversary of the film, followed by Q&A with the director, producer and people featured in the film. Cocktail party with music, appetizers, raffle, presentation and book signing, and more immediately after.

Time: 4 p.m. screening; 5 p.m. party

Location: Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave.

Contact us for more info.

Tuesday, April 4th

Join us for a screening of the film. Donations will be accepted. All money raised will go toward screenings in low-income venues and workshop scholarships.

Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
Location: Dayaalu Center, 159 Wyatt Way NE, Bainbridge Island


Thursday, April 13th

Screening at the Washington State Department of Health, Olympia and Kent. Open to all Department of Health employees.

Time: 11 a.m.


Tuesday, May 16th

Free screening of the film. Signups for End-of-Life Planning Groups will be held after the meeting.

Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Cancer Lifeline, 6522 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle


DVDs of the film are available at all screenings for a donation of $20.