About the Film

Informative and yet intimate,  Speaking of Dying captures the importance of individuals and groups speaking openly about all aspects of the dying process.

Viewing this film will inspire and encourage you to talk to your friends, family, health care agents and medical providers about your own end of life choices and wishes. It will motivate you to become more informed regarding life supports, hospice, palliative care, and other options—long before a crisis. The film also demonstrates the value of end-of-life-planning in groups—one of the best ways to become comfortable speaking openly about this subject. Most of all, Speaking of Dying will help you believe that your life can have a peaceful and meaningful ending that will be a gift to yourself, and to your loved ones.

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“The incredible editing of such a challenging and mysterious subject with such beauty and artistic flow makes for a documentary that touches the heart and the mind. I was deeply moved and touched.”

Only The Beginning

Watching the film is only the beginning. We hope that after watching the 30-minute documentary film, viewers will meet in groups with friends, colleagues and family members to begin the speaking of dying process for themselves. A DVD of the film will be distributed widely with questions and resources to help begin a discussion. On this website, and with the DVD, you will receive a list of trained Heartwork partners who can facilitate such a group for you.

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“I’m so incredibly impressed at the comprehensive, compassionate film you’ve created – full of beauty, amazing artistry, love of life, and love and care for our loved ones and ourselves.”


Donations are still needed for film distribution, operations expenses, and screenings/group sponsorships. For quick donations use the “Donate” button below.

Or, make checks out to “Allied Arts Foundation” and mail to: Speaking of Dying 130 NE 95th St. A-108 Seattle, WA 98115

The Film and Beyond

Upcoming Screenings

  • Thursday, July 28, 6:30 – 8 PM. Screening and discussion/Q&A, Aegis Living of Shoreline, 14900 First Ave. N.E., Shoreline, Wash.

DVDs of the film are available at all screenings for a donation of $20.